Those who tried to bury me….did not know that I was a seed…
— "I'm coming up," an original song by Karen JR

Karen Jr is an Arkansas singer, songwriter, and recording artist who was named after her mother (who goes by a totally different name). She cut her musical teeth on an eclectic diet of rollicking gospel, heart wrenching country ballads, and doses of (forbidden) pop radio that she sneaked and soaked up like a sponge from radio station KLBQ-99 in her hometown of El Dorado. The first vocal run that she learned as a young singer was from Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” which she mastered and used frequently in church services to help “bring the glory down.” She wrote her first song at age 9 and announced to an engaged couple that she had written a song for their wedding. They obliged. It was actually not bad, and as a testament to the power of her songwriting, their marriage is still going strong. When she sang at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Bono of U2 kissed her on the cheek twice. Karen Jr. is an expert on starting over and whether it’s a soul stirring ballad or an irresistible funk riff, many of her original songs themes are teeming with images of hitting the bottom and bouncing back. Listeners are captivated by the honesty in her songwriting, her powerful soulful voice, and her playful delivery on dance grooves. Her latest CD, “I Was Wrong” can be found on iTunes and Spotify